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Antoine Germany, the talented head of our school’s English Department, led us today on what I thought was a a pretty useful examination of how we teach writing.

First, we watch this interesting video of high school and college students answering questions about their experiences being taught writing.  It was filmed by Joshua Roberts, an instructor at Sacramento City College.


Next, Antoine shared this list of questions and asked us each to answer one of them and share with the group:

1. How do you use conferencing to offer students feedback on their writing?

2. What type of written feedback do you offer students on their writing?

3. What is a memorable way a teacher helped you with your writing?

4. Are you conscious of your biases when it comes to assessing student writing? How do you try to overcome this bias?

5. What stood out to you from the students on the video?


It seemed to me to be an excellent reflective exercise that could easily be done within a Department meeting….

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