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As I do every year, I thought readers would be interested in some of the Knowledge Questions my TOK students are using for this year’s Oral Presentations.

You can see our entire six week Oral Presentation planning schedule here, and here are links to questions from previous years:

Review Topics and Primary Knowledge Questions  (from 2016 class)

Primary Knowledge Questions From 2017 Class

Knowledge questions from 2018 class

Knowledge questions from 2019 class

You can see all my “Best” lists related to TOK here.

Here are a few from this year:

What role does faith have in how we look in science?

How is fairness determined or exercised in society?

To what extent do statistics accurately measure greatness?

To what extent does fear affect our morality?

To what extent can history guide us into the future?

To what extent does culture affect morality?

Who defines safety in our society and how is it defined?

To what extent does faith affect and control our behavior in public?