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Who knows what’s going to happen over the next few weeks?

If you’re doing remote learning for the first time, I can imagine that things could be pretty crazy.

If you’re school is closed and you’re not doing remote learning (see IF SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED & NOT DOING REMOTE LEARNING, HERE IS WHAT SCHOOLS ARE TELLING TEACHERS TO DO – WHAT ABOUT YOUR SITUATION?), you might be required to do some online professional development or might just want to do it.

If so, here are some resources to explore:

The Best Places For ESL/EFL/ELL Teachers To Get Online Professional Development

The Best Online Videos Showing ESL/EFL Teachers In The Classroom

The Best Videos For Content Teachers With ELLs In Their Classes – Please Suggest More

You might also want to check out The “All-Time” Best Teaching & Learning Resources Available On This Blog.

Lastly, though I’m obviously biased, I don’t think you’ll find a better source of professional development for any facet of education than my Classroom Q&A column at Ed Week Teacher.  It’s covered nearly 300 key questions over the years, and includes responses to them from several hundred highly-skilled educators.  You can see the organized collection here.