As regular readers know, I’ve been recruiting teachers from a variety of areas and subjects to write about their experiences moving to online learning (see Let Me Know If You’re Teaching K-12 Students Online Because Of COVID-19 & Would Like To Write A Guest Post About Your Experiences).

Those commentaries will be appearing in Education Week and/or in this blog and have already begun (Guest Post: My School Was Closed Because Of COVID-19 & Here Is A Report About Our Online Teaching).  The next one will appear in Ed Week this weekend.

In addition, I’d like to do series specifically on those of us who are teaching ELL classes – what is working, what is not working, unique challenges, future plans, etc.

The specific question is:

What works – and what doesn’t work – when teaching English Language Learners online during school closures?

Any takers?

Contact me here, or on Twitter, or by leaving a comment….