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Today, two pieces have appeared discussing the possibility of expanded summer school (and the federal government paying for it) this year in an attempt to recover from school closures.

Check these out:

Using federal stimulus to get schools through the coronavirus crisis: The case for summer school and summer teacher pay is from Brookings.

After coronavirus school closings, will states need to hold kids back, institute summer school? is from USA Today.

This idea makes even more sense if you read today’s NY Times column, The Coronavirus Is Here to Stay, So What Happens Next?

Here’s an excerpt:

Plan for social distancing at least until mid- or late May, and be thankful if it eases off earlier.

What can we expect when Americans slowly emerge from their homes? Like much about this novel virus, we don’t know for sure. A likely scenario is that there will be subsequent waves of the disease.


So, if they’re right, it makes sense to emphasize summer school since it’s possible/likely that schools may have to close one or two more times during the next school year.

This is all so surreal.