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As I enter the world of online teaching, one strategy I’ll be trying is using already existing video content (see THE FOUR BEST TOOLS FOR TAKING EXISTING VIDEOS & MAKING THEM INTERACTIVE FOR ONLINE LEARNING).

It’s also possible (though, as my students say, it’s possible it will be “doing too much”) that I might want to consider creating my own from scratch – apart from just posting my basic video lessons on YouTube.

So, just in case, I’ve begun to explore and play around with tools that might be useful for making these new videos and that don’t have a steep learning curve.

I’m still in the midst of my research and experimentation, so am not ready to provide any solid recommendations.  But here are the ones I’m trying out – some offer deals to teachers during the school closure crisis, but most don’t.  Let me know your own thoughts!


Video Scribe


Render Forest



5 Ways to Make Whiteboard Instructional Videos in Your Web Browser is from Richard Byrne.

How to Make Whiteboard Videos in Wakelet is from Richard Byrne.