Jon Tyson


Some of these new resources will be added to The Best Advice On Teaching K-12 Online (If We Have To Because Of The Coronavirus) – Please Make More Suggestions! and the best will go to The “Best Of The Best” Resources To Support Teachers Dealing With School Closures:

Can Teachers Read Books Out Loud Online? Actually, Yes. is from Ed Surge.

Distance Learning: A Gently Curated Collection of Resources for Teachers is from Jennifer Gonzalez.

My autistic son gets specialized support at school for learning disabilities. What happens now? is from The Washington Post.

Sifting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic is from Infodemic. I’m adding it to The Best Tools & Lessons For Teaching Information Literacy – Help Me Find More.

I’ve been a big fan of Free Conference Call because it has been an easy way to have audio-only conference calls with lots of people. Now, they’ve added video conferencing abilities.

Ellevation Distance Learning provides free resources for ELLs.

This last tweet is not education-related, but I just think it’s neat – you can play scores of popular board games online with people around the world: