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As regular readers know, I’ve been sharing lots of resources to support teachers during the school closure crisis (seeALL THE “BEST” LISTS RELATED TO SUPPORTING TEACHERS IN THE AGE OF THE CORONAVIRUS – IN ONE PLACE!), as well as get my arms around teaching my own students online, plus continuing to post other non-Coronavirus materials.

Here are some specific resources you can expect to appear either here and/or over at my Ed Week column over the next thirty days:

* A six-minute video I’ve done with Ed Week providing advice to teachers about distance learning

* A special Ed Week guest post on how special education teachers can support their students online

* I’ll be sharing about my own adventures and misadventures in teaching my students online – wish me luck!

* Several special episodes of my BAM! Radio show about supporting distance learning

* A multi-part series from teachers at the end of April talking about their first month of teaching online

* A multi-part series from students talking about their experiences learning online. Let me know if you’d like to participate in that series.

There will probably be more, but that’ enough for now…