My IB Theory of Knowledge students are doing an incredible job preparing their Oral Presentations, which they’ll be doing online in early May.

This year, as I do every year, I am sort of a “broken record” as I constantly “harass” them to illustrate concepts with stories.

Some years I do a good job explaining what that’s important, and some years I don’t provide as good of an explanation about why they need to incorporate these narratives.

This year has been one of the latter ones.

Fortunately, NPR today published a piece on the value of story-telling in communication (see How Stories Connect And Persuade Us: Unleashing The Brain Power Of Narrative).

I’m going to send them that piece, along with a couple of related previous posts:

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I hope these might make-up for the poor in-person job I did on teaching the value of narrative in presentations.

I’m adding this post to The Best Sources Of Advice For Making Good Presentations.