I have often sung the praises of the iSL Collective.

It’s on my list of The Best Three Sites On The Web For ESL/EFL/ELL/ELT Teachers.

The benefits it offers – all free – are numerous.  You can read about them here:

iSLCollective Appears To Be A Jackpot For ELL Student Hand-Outs & Interactive Videos

iSLCollective’s Video Lessons Are A Huge Asset For Any ELL Teacher

A Look Back: Another Reason iSLCollective Is One Of Top Sites For ELLs – Their New Online Homework Feature!


And, now, they’ve made yet another huge improvement!

All their worksheets are now interactive, and students can complete them online.  Next, it’s easy to send the completed sheet to their teacher.

All students have to do is click the “fill and send” section at the bottom of each worksheet:


I’m adding this post to The Best Online Homework Sites For English Language Learners – Please Offer Your Own Suggestions.