Regular readers know that I’ve been teaching a daily half-hour live class to my ELL Newcomer class (see Here’s What I’m Trying Out In My Daily Thirty-Minute Live Online Newcomers Class).

I also record the main parts of the lesson separately and post it on Google Classroom. Students who miss the lesson can watch it there, and they can also re-watch it to help them with the homework, which is usually an interactive Wizer worksheet. I’m not sure if I can share an example of one of them publicly without your having to log-in to it. I’ll see if I can in the future.

But I can share the lesson portion of my class. I don’t videotape the class itself because of privacy issues and I don’t students to feel self-conscious.

This is a lot of work (lesson preparation, constant follow-up with students and assisting them with various challenges and providing encouragement, along with creating reinforcing and engaging “homework”), and I also have to teach my three other IB Theory Of Knowledge classes. Unfortunately, at least until our district can get Chromebooks out there, all the students are accessing the class by cellphones.

But I also find it energizing, and I think the students feel the same way.

Feedback is welcome.