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I have a number of regular weekly features (see HERE IS A LIST (WITH LINKS) OF ALL MY REGULAR WEEKLY FEATURES).

This is a relatively new addition to that list.

Some of these resources will be added to The Best Advice On Teaching K-12 Online (If We Have To Because Of The Coronavirus) – Please Make More Suggestions! and the best will go to The “Best Of The Best” Resources To Support Teachers Dealing With School Closures.

Here are this week’s choices:

I was interviewed for this Politico article:

How ‘Social Distancing’ Can Get Lost in Translation is from Smithsonian Magazine.

5 Traps That Will Kill Online Learning (and Strategies to Avoid Them) is from Ed Surge.

Should the Virus Mean Straight A’s for Everyone? is from The NY Times.

Did Closing Schools Actually Help? is from The NY Times. I’m adding it to THE BEST RESEARCH RELATED TO CLOSING SCHOOLS BECAUSE OF THE CORONAVIRUS.

At Home with PZ are Project Zero thinking strategies specifically designed for use at home. I’ve written about Project Zero in the past at Project Zero’s “Thinking Routines Tool” Is An Excellent Resource.

Virtual Illusion: Comparing Student Achievement and Teacher and Classroom Characteristics in Online and Brick-and-Mortar Charter Schools is a new study. I’m adding it to The Best Summaries Of Research About Online Instruction.