I’ll be sharing lots of new and interesting resources over the next week.

Here’s a list of what to expect:

  • Over at Education Week, I’ll be finishing-up a two month focus on supporting teachers during the school closure crisis with series on virtually teaching science and social studies.  After publishing over sixty posts during the past two months, including videos, written commentaries, infographics and visualizations on the topic, I’ll soon be returning to “regularly scheduled programming” and sharing posts related to teaching topics that are useful while online and in the physical classroom.
  • Before that happens, though, in addition to those two series, I’ll be publishing two videos Katie Hull and I did with Ed Week on creating the conditions for student intrinsic motivation when learning online.  Those will appear in my Ed Week column on Wednesday.
  • Coincidentally, on that same day, Ed Week will be separately publishing an op-ed I’ve written providing a criticism of how schools have handled remote teaching and some suggestions on how to fix it before the school year ends.  It’s an expansion of my short post, Are We Going About This Whole “Distance Learning” Thing All Wrong?
  • But it’s not all COVID-19, all the time!  I’ll also be publishing a post linking to free downloads (no registration necessary) of all Figures from all the new Teacher’s Toolbox books.  We’re talking about hundreds of free student hand-outs for Math, Science and Social Studies!

There will be even more than what I’ve listed here. It will be a busy week!