As regular readers know, three books following the format of our ELL Teacher’s Toolbox, and which Katie Hull and I edited, just came out (clicking on the covers below will lead you to their Amazon pages).

And just as all the student hand-outs from our books are available free-of-charge, with no registration required,  the same is true of these three.

Just go to publisher’s webpages for each of the books and click on “downloads.”  They’re all yours!  Links to those webpages are in each of the following three sentences:

Elisabeth Johnson and Evelyn Ramos LaMarr are co-authors of the Social Studies book, and they are colleagues here in Sacramento at Luther Burbank High School.

Bobson Wong and Larisa Bukalov are co-authors of the Math book, and they are teachers in New York.

Tara Dale and Mandi White are co-authors of the Science book, and they teach in Arizona.