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Ma Xi Lee, our district’s extraordinary Director of Social Emotional Learning, invited me to participate in this podcast.

Here’s how she describes it:

This week’s episode features important voices in our Sac City community- those of teachers. Teachers are critically important for students’ academic growth as well as their social and emotional well-being. Particularly during distance learning, teachers may be the only constant for students during these tumultuous and uncertain times of distance learning. When teachers prioritize and are explicit about SEL, both students and teachers thrive. To that end, we’re featuring 2 Sac City teachers who are intentional about building strong relationships with their students, and are explicit about teaching with SEL in mind. We’re honored to be joined by 4th grade teacher Karen Hall-Sandlund, from Alice Birney K-8 school, and high school Social Science and English Learner teacher Larry Ferlazzo, from Luther Burbank High School. Both educators will share their experiences with distance learning and how they have continued to connect to their students and sustained positive relationships. This week’s SEL Competency is Relationship Skills.