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There are many inequities between Blacks and Whites in the United States.

One of them is the “wealth gap.”

Here are some resources describing what it looks like (you might also be interested in The Best Resources About Wealth & Income Inequality):

US black-white inequality in 6 stark charts is from CNN.

The black-white economic divide is as wide as it was in 1968 is from The Washington Post.

If black families were as rich as white ones, U.S. economy would be $1.5 trillion bigger is from CBS News.

Racial Economic Inequality is from

Examining the Black-white wealth gap is from Brookings.

The Racial Wealth Gap in America: Asset Types Held by Race is an impressive infographic.

The Gaps Between White and Black America, in Charts is from The NY Times.


These charts show how economic progress has stalled for Black Americans since the Civil Rights era is from CNN.

10 myths about the racial wealth gap is from Axios.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Black-White Financial Inequality is from Visual Capitalist.

How The Pandemic Is Widening The Racial Wealth Gap is from NPR.

The wealth gap: How the education world fails to fully measure students’ economic disadvantage is from Chalkbeat.

Systemic racism, not $200 Air Jordans, suppresses Black wealth is from The Washington Post.

Why Many Americans Can’t See The Wealth Gap Between White And Black America is from Five Thirty Eight.

The Life-Altering Differences Between White and Black Debt is from The NY Times.

Infographic: The Black & Hispanic Wealth Gap | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

A $1 million wealth gap now divides white families from Black and Hispanic ones, research shows is from NBC News.