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As I’ve written earlier, I think most students are going to be fine despite missing the last two or so months of school (see I’M NOT CONVINCED THAT STUDENT LEARNING LOSSES THIS YEAR ARE TRAUMATIC, BUT THEY WILL BE BAD IF WE’RE ONLINE NEXT YEAR).

But, our most vulnerable student populations are the ones you have taken a hit, and who can least afford it.

I know our district is providing some classes for students with special needs, and an online credit recovery program which I think is great for students so they don’t get left behind, but of questionable learning value. But it’s not offering anything for English Language Learners and other students facing challenges that would be taught online by a “live” teacher.

And, as Ed Week’s new article Districts’ Summer School Plans on Shaky Ground shows, they are certainly not alone.

District’s found the money to buy Chromebooks for everybody, can’t they find the money to offer additional classes. I’m no financial analyst, but is it really going to make a terrible situation that much worse to offer a few more courses?