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As you may know, I’ve been doing a very popular teacher advice column in Education Week for ten years.

It’s set up so readers send in questions to me, and then I invite guests to contribution 300- or 400-word responses, as well as printing shorter reader comments.

In addition to directly inviting scores of educators I know to respond to those questions, I always put out an annual invitation to readers here to see if any might want to write responses.

I actually did print that invitation several months ago.  I’m still taking responses to those questions but, of course, a lot has happened since March.

So, I have ten new COVID-19 teaching related questions, along with some related to the impact of George Floyd’s murder on education.

If you’re interested, please either send me an email at lferlazzo@epe.org  or complete this contact form saying:

* Your name, what you teach, where you teach, and for how long you’ve taught

* The areas of education where you think you are particularly qualified to give advice (ed-tech, math, classroom management, etc.)

Two to four sentences would be sufficient.

Then, I’ll send you a question or questions to choose from in those areas and invite you to write a response to it by August 15th. I’ve done this activity for the past seven years and have published all the contributions I received as a result of my invitation (though I can’t offer a guarantee that I’ll publish what you write).

I would need to hear from you by July 15th, or you need to be one of the first 30 educators responding to this request—whichever comes first.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer any financial compensation to contributors.

I look forward to hearing from you.