Every day, a new school district in Northern California is announcing they are going to full remote teaching in the fall.

I suspect that similar announcements will be happening in other states, including Florida.

It’s still unclear what’s going to happen in Sacramento.  I’ve previously shared my own ideas about what I think would be good to happen (see FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, HERE’S MY THINKING RIGHT NOW ABOUT REOPENING SCHOOLS). I think it’s more likely will end up going full remote and, if we don’t start that way, or do a modified version like I write about in that post, we soon will end up that way (see I’M ORDINARILY A “GLASS HALF FULL” KIND OF PERSON, BUT NOT FOR THIS FALL – HERE’S MY PESSIMISTIC FORECAST).

Here are the articles about school reopening that I think are worth reading, and that I’m adding to THE BEST POSTS PREDICTING WHAT SCHOOLS WILL LOOK LIKE IN THE FALL:

California teachers fight back against pressure to reopen schools is from Politico.


And if those articles did not get you feeling “down” enough, here’s something else for us to worry about: