The Sacramento Bee has just published California school districts announce fall closures. Will Sacramento schools be next?, and that gives the most recent update about where we are on reopening.

For what it’s worth, here are my observations that appear in the article:

Luther Burbank High School teacher Larry Ferlazzo said teachers want to return to their classrooms, but some are skeptical of the district’s commitment to safety.

Ferlazzo said before the school closures, teachers and students were consistently helping with keeping classrooms clean and sanitized.

“It’s not that custodians didn’t do their job; they are just stretched too thinly,” he said.

Burbank’s ZIP code, 95823, has the highest number of infections in the county, though students from adjoining ZIP codes also attend the school. The increase in reported cases there was due in part, health officials said, to a testing site which opened a month ago.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we go to distance learning, but I do hope that we still have limited face to face instruction with the most vulnerable student groups, like (English-language learners) and special ed,” he said. “I’d feel comfortable going to school to teach ELLs with small numbers of students on campus and the present number of custodians we have, assuming we have social distancing and mask requirements.