So much of the discussion about school reopening has been on safety procedures in school – masks, social distancing, temperature checks, cleaning, etc.  I understand that is important and support – and have participated – in those talks.

Of course, the primary determining factor about if schools will be able to open will be the rate of community spread of COVID-19.  Just as over two-thirds of the factors that affect student academic achievement are outside the schoolhouse walls (see The Best Places To Learn What Impact A Teacher & Outside Factors Have On Student Achievement), that same percentage – if not greater – will influence if schools can open or not.

“Irony is dead” when you have President Trump demanding that schools open, and he only finally put on a mask two days ago.

We shouldn’t be surprised that society finds it convenient to once again scapegoat teachers and schools for their inability to overcome broader socio-economic inequities and racism (white adults are least likely to wear masks).

We shouldn’t be surprised.

But we can continue to be disappointed.