Katie Hull and I are working hard on the second edition of The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide, the first book we wrote as a team.

We think it’s a great book, and we’re keeping most of what’s in the first edition. In addition to minor changes, though, we are adding content to double the size of the book.  In addition to writing new chapters ourselves, we’ll be including new ones from other great ELL teachers like Carol Salva, Valentina Gonzalez, Tan Huynh, Cindy Garcia, Stephen Fleenor, Antoinette Perez, Carlota Holder, Jenny Vo and Jessica Bell.

One of the chapters Katie and I are writing is on distance learning.  A final version will appear in the actual book, but our publishers, Jossey-Bass, have agreed to release a draft of the chapter in a few weeks.

It will be freely downloadable, and we hope to receive feedback on how we can make it better for the final version.

I’ll obviously post here when and where you can download it.