Each year, I publish year-end statistics of how visitors find my blog (you can find previous posts here).

About 19,000 readers subscribe to this blog daily and can read the content without visiting directly. However, another six-thousand or so readers do visit to read the posts each day. How do they get here?

Well, for 2020 so far, the answer was:

The number one source of referrals was Facebook at 50%. It was 41% last year. The increase might be due to the fact that I started a Facebook page.

Twitter was at 20%, a four percent increase from last year.

Pinterest referred 8% of visitors – it was 6% last year.

Education Week  was next at 3%.

There were a lot of sites referring one percent or below of visitors.

The only real surprise was the absence of Flipboard referrals.  They have been pretty consistent over the past few years at between 16 and 18%.  This year, however, they are at .2%.  I have no idea what caused the drop-off – does anyone else?

I’m never really sure what any of this means (and it’s very possible that no one besides me cares), but I’m very open to hearing anybody else’s analysis…..