The federal moratorium on eviction expires today (see A federal eviction moratorium ends this week, putting 12 million tenants at risk).

California’s state moratorium ends in September (see Coronavirus CA: Gov. Newsom extends state eviction moratorium through September).

The number of homeless students in the United States last year was estimated to be 1.5 million.

Even if “only” five-to-ten percent of tenants presently at risk get evicted, that could increase the numbers of homeless students by 50% or even double it.

The eviction bans should obviously be extended but, if they’re not, how are schools going to support these students in their education (long-distance learning is going to be pretty difficult if you’re living in a car) and in providing social, emotional, and physical support?

Today, The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University published a short, informative and useful report titled Identifying and Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness.

I think education leaders should definitely start reading it.