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Things are likely to get a bit rough for us teachers, our students, and their families during the upcoming school year.

Right now, there are over sixty posts at my Education Week column, including commentaries, videos and infographics from over one-hundred educators sharing their experiences with distance learning.  Check them out at School Closures & the Coronavirus Crisis.

And, beginning on August 1st, you will find over thirty new ones appearing over the next two months featuring commentaries from another one-hundred educators answering the key questions we’re all asking ourselves now. Educators in the “trenches” will be answering them based on their experiences in the spring, as well as sharing what they will have learned during the first few weeks of this new school year.

Readers got a “taste” of things to come this week at Classroom Activities to Start Your Online or Hybrid New Year Strong, where Katie Hull shared an excerpt from our next book, as well as providing our full chapter on distance learning available for free download.

I’m not sure if you will be able to find a more extensive collection of practical advice for helping us get through this next year….