I’m a big fan on Quizizz – I love how easy it is to create learning games, it’s simple to add audio, a piece of cake to integrate with Google Classroom and, unlike Kahoot, it shows the question and answers in the same screen so students don’t have split them (Kahoot is fine, too – to each their own).

Quizizz just added a new Lessons feature – the ability to create a slideshow that you can present to your students live or assign as homework. For those of you who are familiar with Nearpod (which has exploded in popularity this summer), it’s basically a very simplified version of it, with far fewer bells and whistles.

Nearpod is really quite impressive and, in effect, functions as a one-stop shop for tons of interactives. And our district has purchased a license for its use.

But, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t really planning on using many of its features and, even though I wish Quizizz had one or two more activities (It would be nice to have an EdPuzzle like activity that Neapod just added to its platform), it would work very well and my students are already quite familiar with it. So, I’m seriously considering using Quizizz instead of Nearpod.

But, who knows? I could easily change my mind in the coming days or weeks.

Here’s a video about the new Lessons feature (and here’s a simple lesson I created in three minutes with it):