Earlier this year, The NY Times offered free subscriptions to any U.S. high school teacher and their students who were at Title 1 schools.

Now, however, they’ve expanded that offer to make it available to any and all high schools in the U.S.  Apply here.

Here’s their announcement:

The mission of The New York Times — to seek the truth and help people understand the world — is critically important in this moment of upheaval. And as students and teachers head into an unprecedented school year, it’s essential that they have access to information that helps them understand what’s happening.

That’s why The Times is working with Verizon to provide high school students and teachers with a free digital subscription through September 1, 2021 — helping them stay connected to the world, even as it continues to change.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited access to articles, videos and more on nytimes.com and in the New York Times app.
  • Lessons from The Learning Network featuring articles, photos, podcasts and more.