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I have over 2,100 frequently revised and updated “Best” lists on just about every subject imaginable, and you can find them listed three different ways in three different places (see Three Accessible Ways To Search For & Find My “Best” Lists).

I’m starting to publish a series where each day I will highlight the “Best” lists in a separate category.

Today, it’s on Assessment:

Q & A Collections: Assessment brings together all my Education Weeks post on the topic.

The Best Resources For Learning About Performance Assessment

The Best Resources For Learning About Formative Assessment

The Best Resources On ELL’s & Standardized Tests

The Best Posts On How To Prepare For Standardized Tests (And Why They’re Bad)

The Best Articles Describing Alternatives To High-Stakes Testing

The Best Resources For Learning About Effective Student & Teacher Assessments

The Best Resources On Grading Practices

The Best Rubric Sites (And A Beginning Discussion About Their Use)

The Best Resources For Learning How To Best Give Feedback To Students

The Best Resources For Learning About The “Next Generation” Of State Testing

The Best Resources On “Differentiated Grading” For English Language Learners

The Best Ways To Create Online Tests

The Best Resources For Learning About Retrieval Practice

The Best Resources On Student Self-Assessment

The Best Sites For Getting Some Perspective On International Test Comparison Demagoguery

The Best Posts & Articles About The Atlanta Testing Scandal

The Best Commentaries On The Atlanta Test-Cheating Verdict

The Best Posts On Study Finding That Standardized Tests Don’t Measure Cognitive Ability

The Best Resources On Reading Fluency (Including How To Measure It)

The Best Free Online Tools For ELLs To Use For Assessing Their Language-Level

A Collection Of “The Best” Lists On Assessment (this is an older collection that includes lots of good assessment resources that don’t quite fit into the categories of other “Best” lists)

The Best Resources On The Idea Of Evaluating Teacher “Input” Instead Of Student “Output”

The Best Ways To Use Multiple Choice Exercises


The Michigan Assessment Consortium has compiled an incredible number of high-quality resources related to assessment here and here.

The Best Ideas On Peer Review Of Student Writing