Shut Out of Schools Due to Pandemic, Many Education Researchers Say Their Work Is ‘In Shambles’ is an article in The 74 this is generally not very interesting.

I mean, really?  In the scheme of things, probably one of the last things we educators are concerned about this year is the professional plight of ed researchers (even though I know and respect quite a few of them).  Even quotes from researchers themselves in the article acknowledge this issue.

However, there is, indeed, a nugget worth highlighting from the piece.

V. Darleen Opfer is the director of RAND’s education section and, as she points out in the text box at the top of this post, the lack of standardized testing last year could be forcing researchers to look at other ways to measure education success – or lack of it.

I’m not sure what what she has in mind, but I hope other researchers are coming to same conclusion.  As all educators know, those assessments are – at best – very, very, very imperfect measurement tools.

I’m adding this post to The Best Resources For Understanding How To Interpret Education Research.