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I have over 2,100 frequently revised and updated “Best” lists on just about every subject imaginable, and you can find them listed three different ways in three different places (see Three Accessible Ways To Search For & Find My “Best” Lists).

I’m starting to publish a series where each day I will highlight the “Best” lists in a separate category.

Today, it’s on Current Events:

The Best Resources & Ideas For Teaching About Current Events

New & Revised: A Collection Of Advice On Talking To Students About Race & Racism

New & Revised: The Best Resources I’ve Used In Lessons About Race & Racism

The Best News/Current Events Websites For English Language Learners

The Best Online “Explainer” Tools For Current Events

The Best Social Media-Created “Syllabuses” About Current Events

The Best Visually Engaging News Sites

The Best Posts & Articles On How To Teach “Controversial” Topics

The Best Resources About Wealth & Income Inequality

The Best Sites For Learning About Protests In History

The Best Ways To Talk With Someone Who Disagrees With You