Nine years ago, in another somewhat futile attempt to reduce the backlog of resources I want to share, I began this occasional “Ed Tech Digest” post where I share three or four links I think are particularly useful and related to…ed tech, including some Web 2.0 apps.

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Here are this week’s choices:

I’m still trying to understand Bubbles. It’s an extension that lets you leave messages for multiple people on sites – sort of. Let me know if you can figure it out. It looks intriguing.

Clips, Apple’s great video-editing app, just got a major update.

Sync lets you watch YouTube with others.

Magma is a new online drawing tool.

Open Stories uses Artificial Intelligence to help you make videos.

Obtaining Permission To Blog With Students (With Example Forms And Guidelines) is from The Edublogger. I’m adding it to The Best Sources For Advice On Student Blogging and to The Best Teacher Resources For Online Student Safety & Legal Issues.

How To Use Quotes In Your Blog Posts is from The Edublogger. I’m adding it to The Best Tools For Creating Visually Attractive Quotations For Online Sharing.

Five Screencasting Tools Compared and Ranked – Fall 2020 is from Richard Byrne. I’m adding it to The Best Tools For Making Screencasts.

Witeboard is a free online collaborative whiteboard I learned about from Richard Byrne.  I’m adding it to The Best Online Tools For Real-Time Collaboration.

This could be a useful video: