As I indicated in my previous post, What Might The Results Of This Presidential Election Suggest That Teachers (& Others) Should Do Going Forward?, the work of Stacey Abrams and her colleagues provides a good idea of what we all need to do going forward.

As Biden Inches Ahead in Georgia, Stacey Abrams Draws Recognition and Praise is a NY Times article which highlights the point I made in that earlier post:

Nse Ufot, the current chief executive of New Georgia Project, said electoral campaigns are often too shortsighted to do the long-term work of registering and educating new voters, regardless of party affiliation.

“When you think about the transactional nature of electoral campaigns, I think they prioritize getting people who are already voters to vote for them,” Ms. Ufot said, adding that there was “not enough conversation about 100 million Americans who are eligible to vote who did not vote in 2016.”

I’ve shared a lot about her work over the past few years, and thought readers might find it helpful if I brought them together in one post:

Stacey Abrams: I Know Voting Feels Inadequate Right Now is from The NY Times.



Stacey Abrams gave an impressive TED Talk.

It seems to me that it would be a video just about any teacher would want to show their students for inspiration, and to help them set goals.

The three above questions would be great ones for students to answer after watching the video.

And here’s another line from her talk that will probably be up on a lot of classroom walls:

I’m adding this video to Best Posts On Students Setting Goals and to The Best Video Clips On Goal-Setting — Help Me Find More.

You can see the transcript of the video here, and I’ve embedded it below:



Stacey Abrams: I Know Voting Feels Inadequate Right Now is from The NY Times.




Video: I Think Every Educator Could Benefit From Watching This Short Stacey Abrams Address On Teachers