I thought that new – and veteran – readers might find it interesting if I began sharing my best posts from over the years. You can see the entire collection here.  I’m starting with posts from earlier this year.


I’ve previously posted about the important of “Leadership Teams” in each of the five classes I’m teaching this year via full time distance learning, and it’s definitely one of the strategies I’ll be carrying with me whenever we return to the physical classroom (I’ve also previously shared about other surveys I use – see Here Are Student Responses To Surveys I Used One-Month Into Full-Time Virtual Learning).

We’re into the fifth week of the school year and just now beginning to think that I might be able to get through this year doing some decent teaching without killing myself, and these leadership teams could be a key reason why that happens.

During the first couple of weeks of classes, I identified students who seemed to be taking leadership in breakout rooms, and asked them to stay after class for a few minutes. Then, I asked them if they would be part of a class leadership team. Their responsibilities would include leading breakout rooms, helping answer questions in the chat, and being welcoming to new students.

There are about thirty members in all of my classes right now, and the number is growing.

I also created a simple weekly and anonymous self-assessment for students to use. I wanted to be less of a “reporting to me” instrument and more of a reflective one for the members of the team. We also meet briefly each week to talk about it and to discuss who else should be invited to join. Those meetings take place while everyone else is working in breakout rooms.

Here are some of the questions and responses from yesterday’s self-assessment – I welcome suggestions of other questions I should include (next week, I will be adding a goals question):

In this first question, one is “not great at all” and five is “great”:

In this next one, again, one is “not great at all” and five is “great”:

This next one had the same rating system:

Again, the same measurements:

Other questions asked for recommendations for new team members, and recommendations for how I can improve the class.

For right now, I’m pleased with how it’s going but, as I mentioned, I will be adding a “goals” question.

Again, reader suggestions for how I can improve the self-assessment are welcome.