The media is awash today with reports on test results from millions of students that suggest that so-called “learning loss” wasn’t that bad because of school closes last spring.

The best article of the bunch to read about it is clearly from Chalkbeat: Did students fall behind this spring? Yes, but not as much as feared, new data shows.

As annoying as I find people who say “I told you so,” I will be one of those in this post, since I said this would be the case many months ago (see We Might Have Gotten Remote Learning Wrong. We Can Still Fix This School Year).

However, I think this year could be a very different story if the federal government and district leaders don’t get their act together (see This Is The Question So Many Districts Need To Asked – & Challenged On – Right Now…  ;  Many Districts Should Forget About Pipedreams Of Effective Hybrid Models & Focus On Improving Online Instruction and   The First Few Days Of Distance Learning Have Left Me DEEPLY Concerned About Our Most Vulnerable Students