Yesterday, I published Here’s An Example Of What I Want To See In A U.S. History Book For Newcomers (& Here’s What Is Out There Now), where I shared responses to my tweet seeking a U.S. History text accessible to newcomers.

Today, I received another tweet:


I had completely forgotten about that resource, even though it was included in my The Best Social Studies Sites Of 2018 – So Far list.

The Core Knowledge free PDFs are great!

And you can find them all here.

They cover many of the key elements of any World History or U.S. History curriculum.

Each PDF includes both teacher lessons and the student book. However, the teacher lessons are in portrait view but the student book isn’t – you would have to go to something like the free PDF go to “rotate” the student pages so they wouldn’t have to bend their heads to read them online 🙂

I’ll definitely be using them this year in my U.S. History class!