The Smithsonian has announced “24 Hours In A Time Of Change” as a way to collect people’s stories about their 2020 experiences.

Here are the specific “prompts“:

The 24 Hours website offers prompts to help everyone take part. The Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, whose project Moments of Resilience helped inspire Friday’s story collection, asks, How are communities supporting each other on a day-to-day basis in this time of adversity? Other museums’ and centers’ prompts are:

Asian Pacific American Heritage Center: How have members of the LGBTQ+ Asian American and Pacific Islander community been affected in a time of heightened vulnerability, raised awareness, and creative opportunity?

Hirshhorn Museum: How is art shaping your response to this moment?

National Museum of African American History and Culture: What stories, traditions, or celebrations have you and your family started, continued, or reflected on this year?

National Museum of African Art: How have the changing times and present challenges encouraged you to become more spiritually literate within your community?

National Museum of American History: What message would you send to the future about your life in these changing times.

National Portrait Gallery: What figure from U.S. history has helped you find resilience in 2020?

Smithsonian Gardens: What has motivated you to cultivate or visit a garden during these challenging times?

Smithsonian Year of Music: How has your experience with music changed in 2020?


Though they are doing lots of related events this Friday, it isn’t clear if they are inviting submissions past that day, though I think it’s a fair safe bet that they will.