As regular readers know, I’ve been doing a ten-minute radio show for many years that accompanies my Ed Week columns.

I probably do about thirty each year, and the total is well beyond two-hundred now.

You can see them all at All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions.

I’m adding this post to ALL END-OF-YEAR “BEST” LISTS FOR 2020 IN ONE PLACE!

Here are my twelve favorite ones from 2020:

Why Do Students Resist Revising Their Writing, How Can We Encourage Them? with Melissa Butler, Mary Beth Nicklaus, Jenny Vo, and Jeremy Hyler.

Culturally Responsive Teaching: More Important Now Than Ever with Chiquita Jenkins, Autumn Kelley, and James Ewing.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes When Teaching English Language Learners On-site and Virtually with Altagracia (Grace) H. Delgado, Dr. Denita Harris, Marina Rodriguez and Sarah Said.

Grading ELLs Fairly: What Works, What Doesn’t with Margo Gottlieb, Ph.D., Becky Corr and Kristin Spears.

School Closed? Time to Write That Book You’ve Been Considering with Elisabeth Johnson, Bobson Wong, and Tara Dale.

Teaching ELLs Online: What’s Working? with Sam Olbes, Helen Vassiliou, Sarah Said, and Nicholas Fotopoulis.

How Can We Manage Absenteeism During Distance Learning and Beyond? with Janice Wyatt-Ross, Maurice McDavid and Rhonda Neal Waltman.

Maslow Before Bloom’s: Clarifying Our Priorities As Teaching Goes Online with Lorie Barber, Cathleen Beachboard, Amy Roediger and David Sherrin.

12 Ways to Make Culturally Responsive Instruction Work in Your Classroom with Lisa Stringfellow, Rocio P. del Castillo, Maurice McDavid, and Valentina Gonzalez.

If You Don’t See Race, What Did You Miss? with Cindy Garcia, Ashley McCall, and Makeda Brome.

Long Term English Language Learners: How Do We Support Them with Antoinette Perez, Tabitha Pacheco, and Aubrey Yeh.

What Works: Restorative Practices Versus Traditional School Discipline with Sheila Wilson, Timothy Hilton, and Maurice McDavid.