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I have had these resources included in another list, New & Revised: The Best Resources I’ve Used In Lessons About Race & Racism, and had been meaning to start its own one.

The Cleveland Indians decision to change its name reminded me about it, so here’s a beginning list that will grow rapidly – feel free to make suggestions!

Here’s what I have so far:

A Super-Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Determine if Your Team Mascot Is Offensive is from The New York Times.

The Future of Native American Imagery in Sports is from The Atlantic.

What’s in a Mascot? is from Teaching Tolerance.

Cleveland Indians Remove Offensive Logo From Uniforms

Looking Beyond Chief Wahoo is from The Atlantic.

The Cleveland Indians’ season is over, and so is Chief Wahoo’s 71-year run is from The Washington Post.

Maine Just Banned Native American Mascots. It’s a Movement That’s Inching Forward. is from The NY Times.

Native American Mascot Recommendations and Resource Page has a lot of useful info.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ racist “Arrowhead Chop” has flown under the radar. Not anymore. is from Vox.

Hundreds Of Schools Are Still Using Native Americans As Team Mascots is from Five Thirty Eight.

Smithsonian Curator on Why Cleveland’s Baseball Team ‘Won’t Regret’ Dropping the ‘Indians’ From Its Name is from The Smithsonian.

Indian sports mascots don’t just mock Native culture. They erase it. is from The Washington Post.

As schools face calls to drop Native American mascots, some could lose state money is from NPR.