TIME Magazine has begun an interesting video series. Here’s how they describe it:

‘Tis the season for a much-deserved holiday school break. In recent years, there have been efforts to rethink how American History is taught to K-12 students. While President Trump’s call for “patriotic education” earlier this fall reflects the resistance to such initiatives, it’s clear from ongoing racial justice protests that there’s a lot more to teach about the roots of systemic racism and inequality, especially as the U.S. is becoming more diverse.

To help fill in those gaps, TIME has begun a series of videos entitled The History You Didn’t Learn, on a moment in history or a historical figure that’s often misrepresented in K-12 classes. The project is the brainchild of TIME Video Producer Arpita Aneja, and the inaugural video explored the history of the 1964 NYC schools boycott , which sheds light on segregated schools in northern cities. Over the past few weeks, we’ve spotlighted the labor movement’s lesser-known Latina activists; the roots of Black voting rights activism that predate the famous 1848 women’s rights meeting at Seneca Falls; and Helen Keller’s career, to show how young students may not learn all that she accomplished as an adult, such as her role in co-founding the American Civil Liberties Union.


Only one of the videos so far is on YouTube, but you can access the others on TIME’s site by clicking the links in their explanation of the series.