School Cultural Socialization and Academic Performance: Examining Ethnic‐Racial Identity Development as a Mediator Among African American Adolescents is a new study by Juan Del Toro and Ming‐Te Wang.

It’s behind a paywall, but there are ways to still access it (see The Best Tools For Academic Research).

As the textbox above states, the study finds that “school cultural socialization” supports African American academic achievement.

“What does ‘school cultural socialization’ look like?” you might ask.

You have to dig a bit into the paper to find it, but here is what they say:

Examples of school cultural socialization practices include assignments that require students to explore their
familial histories, connect with their communal histories, and discuss how they can use knowledge in school-based lessons to address current issues in their communities (Dee & Penner, 2017). Subtle types of school cultural socialization include incorporating readings from African American authors and adopting daily classroom meetings where students talk about their lives outside of school (Howard, 2001; Irvine, 1990).

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