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You may be wondering how much your district will be receiving from the $900 billion stimulus package that was finally signed by President Trump yesterday.

In very rough and general terms, it will be $1,000 per student.

However, if you want to get a more specific amount – again, such a slightly less rough total, according to Chalkbeat:

districts can expect to receive four times whatever they got from the CARES Act.

If you don’t know how much your district received from the CARES act, which was the name of the previous stimulus package, you can calculate it here.

If you live in California, though, Ed Source has published a list of each district in our state and exactly how much money each one will receive.

Our Sacramento district will get over $66 million.

How much you wanna’ bet that teachers won’t be asked at our district, or at most other ones in the country, how to use it?