President-Elect Biden spoke today about the pandemic, and said his goal was to open K-8 schools in his first 100 days.

I might be wrong but, though he’s talked about reopening schools in his first 100 days, I believe this is the first time he’s narrowed it to down to only K-8 ones (see BIDEN WANTS MOST SCHOOLS TO REOPEN BY MAY 1ST – HERE’S WHY I THINK THAT WOULD BE GREAT TIMING IF IT CAN BE DONE SAFELY).

He also went on to say:

Look, we can only do that if Congress  provides the necessary funding so we can get school districts and states the resources they need for the so many things that aren’t there already…We need funding for testing to help re-open schools, more funding for transportation so students can maintain social distance on buses and school buildings, additional cleaning service, protective equipment, ventilation systems.

You can hear his speech in the video below (his comments on schools begin at about the eight minute mark):