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Here’s my final “Best” list of the year, and I’m adding it to ALL END-OF-YEAR “BEST” LISTS FOR 2020 IN ONE PLACE!

Here is a relatively short list of pieces I’ve written this year outside of this blog (for posts appearing here, you can check out 2020’s Best Posts From This Blog!).

Because of lack of time, I haven’t made “Best” picks from my Ed Week column, but you can check out The 11 Most Popular Classroom Q&A Posts of the Year.

Most of my outside writing was either for The Washington Post, Education Week or the British Council:

A teacher predicts what his classroom (and others) will look like in the fall

We Might Have Gotten Remote Learning Wrong. We Can Still Fix This School Year

Teacher: Eight concerns about school this fall that are robbing me of sleep

The positively worst and best education news of 2020 — as viewed by a teacher

A teacher’s deepest fears about 2021: Students who disappeared, covid-19 myopia and six more

Distance learning and English Language Learners

Four questions – and answers – about teaching English online


An exception to all these pieces about the distance learning was the publication of three books Katie Hull and I edited for the “Toolbox” series.

Check out The Science Teacher’s Toolbox, The Math Teacher’s Toolbox, and The Social Studies Teacher’s Toolbox.

Katie and I are still working on the second edition of the ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide.  That will be done by September 1st.

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