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As regular readers know, I have my students complete weekly “check-ins” (see Here Are Student Responses To Surveys I Used One-Month Into Full-Time Virtual Learning) that focus on SEL and technology issues.

The results have always been very useful, and have helped me reach out and connect with students facing challenges on a variety of levels.

This week, though, I added a new question:

Is there anything else you think it would be helpful for Mr. Ferlazzo to know about how you or your family are doing? ¿Hay algo más que crea que sería útil que el Sr. Ferlazzo supiera sobre cómo está usted o su familia?

And, boy, did I get helpful information – deaths, personal struggles, the works!

It’s so obvious – I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of asking it before!

Obviously, how forthcoming students will be can be dependent on the trust that’s built on relationships.  Fortunately, I think I’ve got a solid ones, even though we’re all virtual….