Early last month, President-Elect Biden announced a goal of reopening schools one-hundred days from his inauguration – roughly in May (see Biden Wants Most Schools To Reopen By May 1st – Here’s Why I Think That Would Be Great Timing IF It Can Be Done Safely).

Then, two weeks ago, he modified that to a goal of reopening just K-8 by that time (see This Was Interesting – Biden Says He Wants K-8 Schools Open In 100 Days; Doesn’t Mention Secondary Ones).  I could understand that modification, especially with all the problems happening with the vaccination roll-out.

A Politico article this morning indicates that he might have moved it even farther out – now targeting opening by the fall.

This seems like a realistic time frame to me.

He’s not the only public official coming up against reality when hoping for school reopening.

Here in California, Governor Newsom proposed completely unrealistic plans to do the same and very few districts are taking him up on his offer of money if they fast-tracked reopening.

I certainly don’t anticipate being back at our high school until the fall…