Our school district hasn’t had any negotiations with our union about it, but it appears we might be shifting from full-time distance learning to a hybrid model pretty soon – at least, according to the presentation made at our local School Board meeting a thirty-six hours ago (as you can see from the slide reproduced at the top of this post).

It all has to be negotiated, so who knows if it’s going to happen or not?  And we all still have to be vaccinated, since that’s pretty much a prerequisite here in California.

In preparation, I sent out this tweet earlier today:

And it’s gotten five-hundred extremely helpful replies, and they’re still coming in!

I did a two-part series at my Education Week column in October where teachers doing hybrid teaching shared their dos and don’ts.

I’ve invited quite a few of the educators who replied to my tweet to write longer pieces, and will be publishing them as a special Ed Week series during the first week of March.

I’ve learned a lot today, and I’m looking forward to learning a whole lot more!