We’re moving from full-time distance learning to concurrent/hybrid in May and, with luck, we may get back to something that might approach “normal” in the fall.  Since half of our high school student body is sixteen or older (and eligible for the vaccine) and – theoretically, at least – all of our students’ families would have been eligible for the vaccine by then, I’m wondering if that would be enough to reduce social distancing requirements?

Either way, our students are going to be needing support (what they don’t need this spring is standardized testing).

Here are a few resources to help us start thinking about how to provide that help – please make your own suggestions:

3 strategies for helping students in crisis return to school is from K-12 Dive.

Back-to-School Blueprint is from The Rennie Center.

No One is the Same: Supporting Students’ Mental Health as We Return to School is from We Are Teachers.

“Best” Lists Of The Week: Responding To Student Trauma

Accelerating Learning As We Build Back Better is by Linda Darling-Hammond.

The Pandemic Will Affect Students’ Mental Health for Years to Come. How Schools Can Help is from Ed Week.

Students Need Emotional Support When Returning to School in Person. Here’s How is from Ed Week.

What does the evidence say about… increased instructional time? is from FORA Education. I’m also adding it to Trying To Bring Research, Sanity, Teacher Expertise & Student Voice To The “Learning Loss” Discussion.

Q&A: Meeting the Needs of Students of Color in a Time of Collective Trauma is from Ed Week.

A Return to In-Person Learning Isn’t Enough for Students of Color is by Selena A. Carrión.