Editor’s Note: David Deubelbeiss is a “serial” developer of some of the most useful – and creative – sites on the web for teachers of ELLs. I invited him to write a guest post about his latest endeavor.


David Deubelbeiss is a teacher trainer, author and professor of TESOL who champions the use of educational technology in English language teaching. He espouses the simple  philosophy of “When one teaches, two learn.”  Find out more about him on his personal page https://ddeubel.me


I think we can all agree on one thing. The internet has become a bloated content monster. It has exploded and is overwhelming in many aspects.  It is also becoming more and more impersonal. I’ve tried to solve this problem and help teachers through ELT Buzz

ELT Buzz is both a place of quality lesson content creation and a place of curation.  We provide news and information about English language teaching and a directory for new teachers to find essential information about our profession. Our weekly newsletter sends out the new “buzz” every Monday to subscribers. 

ELT Buzz Teaching Resources is a huge lesson library for English language teachers. Quality vetted lesson materials on every imaginable subject, for every level and age.  The focus is on a materials “lite” approach. Materials as a door to comprehensible input and not as a  exhausting exercise. 

For years I built and ran EFL Classroom 2.0.  A huge community of teachers. But slowly, Facebook and Twitter killed my radio station and so I transitioned to just providing content (as the conversation went elsewhere). We aren’t some dusty library but publish new lesson materials weekly. Also, a low-cost subscription. For the cost of one month elsewhere – you’ll get us for a whole year. We also allow subscribers to “Go Digital” and will be building out that assignment feature soon.  Can’t find what you are looking for? Use the Contact tab and tell us your needs. We’ll point you in the right direction. 

ELT Buzz Video comes from my years with my finger on the pulse of quality, authentic video content to support language teachers. Once the Director of Education for a large international multi-media publisher, I’ve used that knowledge to provide a place where teachers can get inspired and find the best videos and lesson materials for the English language classroom. Also extra, free, helpful resources. 

I’m trying to make a go of things solo and use my talents to my best of abilities. True edupreneur. Small team. A lot contracted out. I appreciate each and every teacher’s and school’s support. Each and every store purchase. As one testimonial says, it’s “not some souless, corporate project.”

In parting, after registration use access code “tryitout” to upgrade to the full library on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources. If you have any writing, curriculum needs or work to be done – I’m at your beck and call. Digital or paper.

Lastly, lastly, check out Gif Lingua. It is my pet project to highlight the use of Gifs as “language learning objects”. I’m looking to sell this platform with a full teacher LMS, over 3,000s leveled readers, exercises, content and video. If not sell, provide to schools on their own server or partner with a reading foundation to cover the costs and upkeep. It’s a great product!