The annual Webby Awards are supposed to honor the best in web design.

They’ve just announced this year’s nominees and, as usual, there are a zillion of them and, as usual, it’s not easily-designed to go through them.

Here are a few that were new to me that I think educators might find useful:

NASA At-Home For Kids has tons of activities.  If you click on “Students,” you can find activities for all grade-levels.

The Newest Americans has multi-media stories about new immigrants to the U.S.

Untold America is from the BBC, and shares stories that are probably new to many of us about Americans.

Project Discovery is a Citizen Science project that lets players help scientists analyze COVID 19 data.

Check Your Reflex is a game that is supposed to teach players how gambling can become addictive.


There are a lot of nominees, so let me know which ones I’ve missed…..