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I’ve been sharing my preparations as we move from over a year of full-time distance learning to a concurrent/hybrid model (see Images: My Classroom For The First Day Of Hybrid Teaching Tomorrow Looks Different Than It Looked Eighteen Months Ago and Here’s My Tech Set-Up For When We Begin Concurrent Teaching – Let Me Know How I Can Make It Better.).

Well, today was the day!

It was great to see students again! And two students came today who I have hardly ever seen on Zoom in the past year.

Students come two days a week. As the above tweet says, I had eight in-person students in my ELL US History class, and then two in-person for my an IB Theory of Knowledge class (I have a Newcomers class and two more TOK classes tomorrow).

The tech all worked according to plan except for a couple of minor errors on my part. It was clear that my purchase of earbuds with microphones helped make the breakout rooms work without feedback.

All the TOK students evaluated the class well though, of course, it had only two in-person students.

Based on student evaluations in the ELL class, it seems that – though everyone felt okay about the class – the in-person students do require more time and attention, reducing what I can spend on those in Zoom. If it’s like that with only eight in the room, I can only imagine what it’s like in classes where greater numbers of students choose to return to physical school.

We have eight weeks left of school. This was not a bad way to kick-off that final push…..